Oh! Mangsa Maut Kerakusan Mat Rempit


This is what happened when this girl was crossing the road to work as a part time salesgirl after school. While crossing the road a motorbike came from behind and the bastard mat rempit use a helmet and hit on the head while the motorbike was moving. The girl died on the spot. She is only 18 years old.

Always be alert and for the ladies your handbag.

ALWAYS WALK ON THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF THE ROAD………BE VERY CAREFULL GIRLS….THIS IS WHAT HAPPEN WHEN SOME STUPID ASSHOLES FROM GOVERMENT START TO FUND ALL THIS USELESS GARBAGE MAT REMPITS WITH TAX PAYERS MONEY.You guys will be surprized if i say they even FUND this bastard mat rempits to Oversea trip(fully paid) the brilliant idea was from our HISHAMUDIN…to change the rempits into a better citizen it seems…..