Oh! KFC nak menipu tak agak-agak

Memang bangsat gila. Someone patut try sue la diorang ni. Penipu tak hengat. Macam cipanzi punya perangai!

saw the picture… 1st impression was… WAH!! SO BIG OO~~!!! + additional of RM 1 from snack plate…but get 2 BIG SHRIMP STIX~!! gave it a try… ^_^

after a while… the servings came…

i was SHOCKED~~!! i look at the dish… then look at the poster… then look back at the cashier… ==”

he smile at us and say.. “hehe… sedap punya…”

i was really damn frustrated that time… i felt being cheated!!! but i cant scold them… because they have written “Servings featured are for illustration purposes only.” which is smaller than bacteria that we need to use microscope to see it~~!

Yeah…. this is business tricks…

BUT isnt that TOO MUCH difference from the picture and the actual size ?? no matter what angle i look at the “SHRIMP STIX”, there is no way it will be BIGGER than the CHICKEN >”<