Oh! Jawapan TNB untuk isu NameWee

Rentetan dari isu NameWee mengamuk di TNB Muar. TNB mengeluarkan kenytaan bagi menjawab isu tersebut. Artikel mengenai NameWee mengamuk di TNB ini pernah dikeluarkan di Oh! Tidak beberapa hari lalu. Ini artikel nya.

Jawapan Dari Maintainance Manager mengenai isu Nameewee..

Dear all friend in Malaysia,
First of all, I would like to introduce myself, I am Maintenance Manager from TNB, I have been serving for TNB for the past 10 years and I am regretful whatever presented in front of you is very untrue…. We have to understand the nature of the electrification supply system, TNB deal with customer in 3 occasions:

1. Customer request for supply, when you have to fill up the forms,
2. Customer pay the bill at counter, Q&A etc..
3. Customer experience supply interuption and call help for supply restoration
In this incidence , Namewee experiece the 3rd condition, the supply interuption in this case is breakdown, ie a force outage due to technical reasons such as: