HOW NOT STEAL GAS: MOMENT Fuel Thieves Rip Petrol Pump Out of Bowser. Runaway Car RIPS Hose From GUSHING Petrol Pump. Woman sent flying into the air after fuel thieves drive off with nozzle still attached to pump. This is the moment a pregnant-looking woman was flung into the after the car she was filling with petrol sped away. The woman, dressed in shorts and a pink bikini top, was filling the red car’s tank when an attendant went to check the vehicle’s registration plates.

Caught on CCTV, the driver of the red car appears to panic and drives away – while the nozzle is still attached to the car.

The hose stretches, before snapping, and the woman is catapulted into the air and smashes into the ground.

Appearing stunned, she scrambles to her feet and runs to the car, which then drives away – while fuel gushes out of the pumps, spilling on to the court.

The dramatic footage was captured from the Mt Warren Park Caltex on the outskirts of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 9News MSN reported.




The number of petrol drive-offs reported to police across the state in the 2011-12 financial year almost doubled, up 6000 to almost 12,000 thefts.

Soaring fuel prices and living costs have been blamed for the spike in fuel thefts across the state.

There were on average 32 petrol drive-offs every day, with most taking place on the Gold Coast, Logan, in Brisbane City and on the Sunshine Coast, the Herald Sun reported in October.

The Australian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association and Motormouth estimate petrol drive-offs cost almost $200 million every year.

Serial offenders are using stolen registration plates to cover their tracks, the Courier Mail reported in September.

A BP Australia spokesman told that paper that pre-pay pumps eliminated the problem in other countries, and there were plans to roll out more across the nation.


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