There are some interesting analysis of military observer’s University of Indonesia, Andy Wijayanto, about the possibility of open war between Indonesia and Malaysia in the conflict area Ambalat Block Waters. When Jakarta declared open war with our neighbors, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono should take into account the state alliance that will support these neighbor countries in the confrontation.

Andy revealed, Malaysia has a system of defensive alliance with England, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. The alliance called the Five Power Defense Agreement (FPDA). One of the FPDA countries agreement is a clause that an attack on one member state is also an attack against another member state.

“Malaysia just request clause to be activated. If agreed, it means Indonesia must be prepared to fight also with the UK, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand which have a fighting force far more powerful and sophisticated,” he explained after a discussion of the draft Defence and Security.

From the official website of the British High Commission, Kuala Lumpur, it is known that the FPDA was established in 1971 as a consulting agency and the anticipation of an attack on Singapore and Malaysia. When 30-year commemoration FPDA in November 2001, the five member states agreed to establish a long-term cooperation. One of them, agreements to support each other if any of its member countries that attacked another country. This year, the FPDA to focus his review on maritime security. With that focus, the possibility of four other countries to support Malaysia in the confrontation with Indonesia to be bigger.

Not only that. If in our country will face a confrontation with the British, the country will very likely ask for an article five of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) enabled. Articles similar to NATO’s five FPDA treaty clause that essentially said that the attack suffered by one member state is considered as an attack on other member states and must be faced together. Therefore, could widen the confrontation with Malaysia and Indonesia must make a deal with NATO member countries.

“So, the effect will be successive. That is what must be considered carefully by the President of SBY before the declaration of confrontation with Malaysia. People must understand this is not so dark eyes urging war with Malaysia,” said Andy.

This is the comparison between Malaysian and Indonesian military forces

Military Affairs was neighbor called the Army of Kings Malaysia. At the beginning of its establishment, the British-made military equipment is widely used this country. Now they are using equipment from several countries, including Indonesia-made aircraft.

* 1. Warship

* A dive boat equipped with 20 mm cannon
* Two fast ships transport troops
* Four French-made patrol boats were Exocet MM38 missiles and cannon Bofors
* 24 warships based in four places: Moss, Sandakan Sabah Kuantan and Labuan. KD Kerambit around Ambalat is one time based in Sandakan, Sabah.
* Two South Korean-made patrol boats equipped with cannon Creusot Loire 100 mm, 30 mm Emerlac, repellent and anti-submarine weapons. This ship is based in Kuantan
* Four Swedish-made vessel equipped with Exocet MM38 missiles, 57 mm Bofors and 40 mm Bofors based.
* Four ships Frigate, two of which were purchased secondhand from the British Royal Navy.
* Six German-made ship Corvette – Four patrol boats repellent Italian-made mines
* Two ships Multi Purpose Command and Support Ship made in Germany and South Korea
* One ship Sealift
* Two ships Hydro

* 2. Fighter

* F-5 E – Hawk MK108 based in Alor Setar, Kuantan, Labuan
* Hawk MK-208 based in Alor Setar, Kuantan, Labuan
* Eight F/A-18D based in Alor Setar
* MIG-29 based in Kuantan
* SU-30 based in Kuantan
* F-28 based in Kuala Lumpur
* Falcon based in Kuala Lumpur – Beech 200T based in Kuala Lumpur
* C-130H based in Kuala Lumpur
* CN-235 based in Kuala Lumpur
* S61A-4 based in Kuala Lumpur, Kuching and Labuan
* AS61N-one based in Kuala Lumpur
* S70A-34 personnel based in Kuala Lumpur

* 3. The number of soldiers of all forces: 196 042 (2002)

* The military budget per year: US1, 69 trillion (2.03 percent of GDP)


Embargo on the purchase of military equipment from the U.S. to build military equipment to fall out of Indonesia. Newest fighter plane, Sukhoi SU-27 SK and SU-30 MK Russian-made, one still missing had no weapons. As of 12 combat aircraft “mainstay”, the F-16, two of whom had fallen and only eight are ready to fly.

* 1. Aircraft and Heli

* 8 units Hawk MK 109 based in Pekanbaru, Pontianak
* 32 units Hawk MK 209 based in Pekanbaru, Pontianak
* 6 units CN235 based at Halim
* Eight units F27-400m based at Halim
* SF260MS/WS based at Halim
* B707-3MIC
* 7 units 400m F27 aircraft
* F28-1000/3000
* L100-30
* C-130H-30 based at Halim
* NAS332L1
* L100-30
* EC-120B
* 12 units Heli Bell 47G-3B-1 based at kalijati
* 5 units F-16a based in Madison
* 5 units F-16B based in Madison
* F-5E based in Madison
* F-5F based in Madison
* Based in Madison Hawk Mk53
* 2 units Su-27SK based in Makassar
* 2 units Su-30MK based in Makassar
* NC212M-100/200 based in Malang
* Ce 401A based in Malang
* Ce 402A based in Malang
* 10 units Bronco OV-10F aircraft in Malang Warship
* 114 units fleet of various types (third for routine operations, a third for training, and the remainder for maintenance) Personnel

* 2. The number of soldiers (all forces): 250 thousand people

* The military budget per year: U.S. $ 1 trillion (1.3 percent of GDP)

SO ? Should Indonesia and Malaysia go into War Field, even they both are brother and neighbor ?

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