Kesian budak perempuan dari India ni. Korang bayangkan kalau dia berpeluh, yang keluar bukan peluh tapi darah. Kalau dia menangis pun, keluar darah.. Ni antara manusia-manusia pelik la ni dalam dunia ni..

Twinkle Dwivedi, 13, has a disorder which means she loses blood through her skin without being cut or scratched. The teenager has had to undergo transfusions after pints of it seeped through her eyes, nose, hairline, neck and the soles of her feet.

The teenager’s condition developed when she was 12 when she suddenly started bleeding between five and 20 times a day. Sometimes her condition is so bad she wakes up with her entire body covered in dried blood.

“When I bleed from the head, my head feels very heavy,” says Twinkle. “When my eyes bleed they go really red and sore. It also hurts when I wash it after bleeding. It was scary and messy. My school blouse went all red. No-one would come near me or play with me,” she said. “I used to cry nearly every time it happened. But now I just keep quiet.”

Villagers near her home in Uttar Pradesh, India, believe she must be cursed and shout cruel things in the street. Her frantic family have sought help from numerous doctors as well as preachers without success.

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